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Pirena 2008 - prbn info
2008-01-23 10:23:44 Levkov Helena - rubrika Reporte
Pirena Konen vsledky:

4.2. - Na konec...


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Odpovdt na pspvek - Pirena 2008 - prbn info
Nadpis : Re:Pirena 2008 - prbn info
Obsah :
Jmno :
Msto :

 Od : 00011 - Levkov Helena
 Vloeno : 23.01.08 10:30:27 Posledn reakce : 09.12.15 21:36:28
 Nadpis : Pirena 2008 - prbn info (16)
 Prbn vsledky mete sledovat na http://www.pirena.com/esp/pirena2008/resultadospirena-esp.html

Dle bleskovho telefontu s Pavlem Pfeiferem:

 Od : 00000 - NU - BznYuAAIYERbdIPyHD - AgiutopkUNqEnEcYBt
 Vloeno : 11.12.12 10:42:34
 Nadpis : Re:Pirena 2008 - prubezne info
 This is crystal clear. Thanks for taknig the time!

 Od : 00000 - NU - MzfsvKAmulxFVGdKg - cdwVDpnUFCrMdNWMKtE
 Vloeno : 10.12.12 04:04:34
 Nadpis : Re:Pirena 2008 - prubezne info
 For an ESTIMATE.. keep it simple time and matleiars, and a quick description of the method of repair. For example, to repair a scratch in the finish of a dining table, I would provide an ESTIMATE for repair by touch up of finish using xyzabc' matleiars , or stripping and refinishing of the table, using xyzabc' matleiars (depending on severity of the damage). I'd also specify if I was going to work on it at the owner's location, or if it needed to be delivered to my shop, either by the customer, or myself, and give a rough idea of how long it would take to complete the work, as well as how long the work itself would take. An example would be 6 hours labor, project finished by MO/Date/Year. (Some repair work requires dry time' of either finishes, or glue and the customer needs to be made aware of that.)Obviously, you also need to include the business' info, like name, address, phone, etc.Before I began work, I'd have a short contract/work-order stating what I would do to the furniture (signed by the customer), and take before/after photo's. I'd also have a provision stipulating any changes or unexpected problems would result in an increase in the cost, and I'd make the customer initial the contract for those changes.I'd include any warranty info on the contract too.Good Luck

 Od : 00000 - NU - QgxbgMbetVdNsJfw - QuXewTjPx
 Vloeno : 09.12.12 15:42:50
 Nadpis : Re:Pirena 2008 - prubezne info
 Finding this post sloevs a problem for me. Thanks!

 Od : 00000 - NU - nUcqIkKOcBnvVeAbO - VjxpXjPf
 Vloeno : 09.12.12 09:58:38
 Nadpis : Re:Pirena 2008 - prubezne info
 Zdraveite ,izviniavam se za latinicata.bashta mi e na 65 god. i ima stnnesei piko4ni putishta i e s katetur ot mnogo meseci,prostata mu e 1 stepen yveli4ena ili mnogo malko. kak moje da my se podobri sustojanieto? v smisal kak moje piko4nite putishta da se podobrqt i da yrinira normalno ,ne moje da bude s katetur postoqno mislia a i posledniat put sa mu slojili mnogo trydno katetura i razviava infekcii zaradi tozi katetur .Molia daite mi vasheto mneninie.Predvaritelno vi blagodaria

 Od : 00000 - NU - ibQtJAMntZoi - TGOOzXRjEARxICP
 Vloeno : 02.10.11 22:14:09
 Nadpis : Re:Pirena 2008 - prubezne info
 THX that's a great aswenr!

 Od : 00000 - NU - bXqfJfjg - XwuYGLftVwmIt
 Vloeno : 02.10.11 22:14:02
 Nadpis : Re:Pirena 2008 - prubezne info
 It was dark when I woke. This is a ray of sunhsine.

 Od : 00000 - NU - mcmnsqvlys - mcmnsqvlys
 Vloeno : 06.02.08 10:12:18
 Nadpis : Re:Pirena 2008 - prubezne info
 Hello! Good Site! Thanks you! qmngjtjcdexwb

 Od : 00000 - NU - IO1Jnt0G3mRN - 9zKKHZhp8Bn
 Vloeno : 09.12.15 17:29:25
 Nadpis : Re:Re:Pirena 2008 - prubezne info
 Hi LaurenI remember your aciedcnt last December and when my wife and I learned the news we immediately began to pray for your recovery. I watched your NBC interview online today and you look amazing. You have given all of the glory for your recovery to the Lord and you are a wonderful inspiration to followers of Jesus who have heard your story and your testimony. Thank you for being willing to share about your aciedcnt and your miraculous recovery. I have written several books and I speak to college students all over the country. I am going to share the story of your determination not to give up. I tell them that in the real world whining is not allowed. You are a testament to that. I pray your recovery continues to go well. Bill van SteenisReExamine LifeHolland, Michigan

 Od : 00000 - NU - VqhNDYmRN - CbxdSVvZsftZZoTgA
 Vloeno : 02.10.11 21:23:39
 Nadpis : Re:Re:Pirena 2008 - prubezne info
 People normally pay me for this and you are giinvg it away!

 Od : 00000 - NU - VqNtpnvRginQSKPwFRL - ELqNQAqZ
 Vloeno : 01.07.08 18:05:32
 Nadpis : Re:Re:Pirena 2008 - prubezne info

 Od : 00000 - NU - IucNgCEVvGOHpHiXQT - wnwJgjOEpEsRzMgkrwl
 Vloeno : 03.10.11 02:22:26
 Nadpis : Re:Re:Re:Pirena 2008 - prubezne info
 Thought it wdolun't to give it a shot. I was right.

 Od : 00000 - NU - hkoVfkPkH - bqqP8lOXMv
 Vloeno : 09.12.15 21:36:28
 Nadpis : Re:Re:Re:Re:Pirena 2008 - prubezne info
 The truth just shines thguroh your post

 Od : 00000 - NU - 1JnNqM19Pf - 8PJDpuN9dKh
 Vloeno : 09.12.15 20:13:57
 Nadpis : Re:Re:Re:Re:Pirena 2008 - prubezne info
 Dear Lauren,I remember henraig of your accident in December and later would hear updates on the news about your thoughts after the accident and I would think what a brave person. So I am watching the Today Show in London and heard you were going to be on the show. I am so happy you are doing much better and you look fantastic, awesome and of course beautiful. Take care.

 Od : 00000 - NU - Pfeifer -
 Vloeno : 05.02.08 22:58:06
 Nadpis : Re:Pirena 2008 - prbn info
 Dk Hele za pepis mch telefonnch report. Pi pepisu naich hovor dolo k nkolika nepesnostem ale globln vzato to celkem sed.

 Od : 00000 - NU - kiUXN9tddJ4 - LaZbByfqc
 Vloeno : 09.12.15 20:33:58
 Nadpis : Re:Re:Pirena 2008 - průběžné info
 kommisστις kala den katalabenete merkioi apo edw pws den prepei na dimosieuoume kai alla site???toso malakes eiste merkioi???na mas ta klisoun k auta???poso rompas k blakas eisai re pigene stous mpatsous k dwstous re karagkiozi an einai mia pou estiles mnm k mia pou to eklisan .GEIA SOU BLAKA K ROUFEIANE . O/H marios_1203 είπε:Στις 3 Απριλίου 2010 και ώρα 12:58 μμΔΙΚΑΙΟ ΕΧΕΙ Ο UTOJONH_SD ΠΑΙΔΙΑ ΜΟΝΟ ΓΙΑ ΤΟ GAMATO.INFO ΜΙΛΑΜΕ ΕΔΩ ΚΑΙ ΟΧΙ ΓΙΑ ΜΑΛΑΚΙΕΣ ΚΑΙ ΠΡΟΣΩΠΙΚΑ ΔΙΚΑ ΣΑΣ.ΦΙΛΕ ΜΟΥ ΕΧΟΥΜΕ ΚΑΝΕΝΑ ΝΕΟ ΓΙΑ ΤΟ GAMATO.INFO ?ΤΟ===== GAMATO.IT ======= ΑΠΟ ΤΟ ΠΡΟΙ ΔΕΝ ΜΠΕΝΕΙ ΤΙ ΤΡΕΧΕΙ ;ΕΥΧΑΡΙΣΤΩ ΚΑΙ ΚΑΛΗ ΑΝΑΣΤΑΣΗ ΣΕ ΟΛΟΥΣ ΚΑΙ ΣΕ ΟΛΕΣ ΣΑΣ !

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